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Classes for Children: Divorce/Blended Families

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Yes, I Can Accept My Parents' Divorce

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Divorce poses special challenges for children. In the midst of it all, they need to understand that divorce is not their fault, that they are still loved, and that they can adjust to and be happy in their new life.

In this class, children will realize that they are not alone in their feelings and experiences. Through a variety of activities, children will discover that it is normal to experience many different feelings about divorce. They will learn new perspectives and strategies for handling their feelings and for coping with the challenges of living in two homes. This class will benefit any child who has experienced divorce at any time. Helping your child with it today will hopefully provide a smoother road in the future. Grades 1-4. $120

To register for our classes or for more information, please call 317.586.2141 or email us. A Divorce Support Group for Kids is also available and yet another way to help your child cope with this experience.

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