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helping you make sense of life

Welcome to Mathias Counseling & Consulting
Fishers, Indiana

Each of us has a unique set of talents, challenges and opportunities. Our fast-paced society is full of demands, expectations, and uncertainties, which test not only our physical stamina at times, but our psychological stamina as well.

Adjusting to a new school. Divorce. Death of a loved one. Moving. Job loss. Health concerns. Problems making friends. We wonder about our reactions and those of our children to events like these. What is happening here? Why doesn’t this make sense? Is my child's behavior normal? What can I do to help my child and my family?

And sometimes, along the way, we learn that our child has special challenges.
Mood swings. Attention and focus. Learning difficulties. Autism. Anxiety. Depression. Then our questions become. . . How I can best help my child? Can I raise my child to become a happier, healthier, and contributing member of society?

Parenting is a hard job. Sometimes it's too hard to do alone. Even the best parents are overwhelmed at times.

Mathias Counseling and Consulting helps you meet these challenges through individual and group counseling, classes for children and parents on key issues, and consultation for schools, churches, and community agencies.

We help you make sense of life.

7965 East 106th Street ~ Suite 116 ~ Fishers, Indiana 46038

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